Medical Director
* Certifies terminal prognosis
* Oversees pain and symptom management for patient comfort
* Leads interdisciplinary team in development of the plan of care
* Provides consultation to physicians regarding hospice care

Attending Physician
* Certifies terminal prognosis
* Manages symptoms and prescribes appropriate treatment
* Approves the plan of care
* Coordinates care with the interdisciplinary team

Nurse Case Manager
* Assesses patient and family needs
* Manages pain and symptoms
* Develops plan of care to meet identified needs
* Coordinates care with interdisciplinary team
* Educates patient and family

Home Health Aide
* Provides direct personal care for the patient
* Provides comfort measures and reports identified needs to the needs
*Provides emotional support to patient and family

Meet Our Team

At All Star Hospice Inc , we are only as strong as our staff and are proud to employ a variety of qualified individuals who bring their own diverse knowledge to the practice in order to ensure you receive the most comprehensive treatment possible. Please take a moment to read more about our individual staff members and learn how they allow our practice to continually be the absolute best at caring for your health needs.

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Hospice Care

* Provides companionship and support to patient and family
* Provides needed non-medical services and respite time for family
* Provides support at time of death and during bereavement

Social Worker
* Assesses patient and family social, emotional and financial needs
* Assists with end of life planning
* Develops a plan of care to meet individualized needs
* Provides direct counseling or refers patients and families to appropriate community agencies

* Assesses patient and family spiritual needs
* Facilitates life review
* Develops a plan of care to met identified needs
* Provides direct counseling
* Provides consultation to community’s clergy
* Provides bereavement support

Bereavement Coordinator
* Provides bereavement support groups, newsletters, referrals to community services
* Provides pre-bereavement assessment and counseling
* Provides individual counseling